Rockin’ North Caddo!

Painted Rock Hunts are the newest crazy and it’s easy to see why! It’s low cost fun that the whole family can get in on!  Our community is jumping in with the new FaceBook group “North Caddo Rocks!”

If you haven’t heard about the painted rocks,  the idea is a simple one:  paint and decorate a rock and then hide it for a lucky rock hunter (or unaware pedestrian!) to find and keep or rehide.  Everyone loves a treasure hunt and it’s easy to see that the whole idea began as a way to spread joy.

Below are some tips to rock our community!


Tips for successful painting, hiding and hunting

  1. Always be mindful of the environment and respectful of the community guidelinesthat already exist.
  2. Seal each rock and do not add/attach anything to the rocks,as there is no guarantee that it will stay on and not become liter or swallowing hazards for children or wildlife.
  3. This is a gifting project. Many Facebook groups remind their members that this is about gifting and not always expecting to find a rock or get recognitionwhen yours is found.
  4. Do not hide rocks in national parks or state parks, on private property or in places that it could be dangerous to retrieve.
  5. Pinterest and Facebook are great places to find inspirationfor colorful creations and creative messages.
  6. Rock painting parties.Some groups organize events where members can gather in a social environment and share in the experience together.

So let’s rock North Caddo with kindness and inspiration!  There may even soon be a Caddo Country rock hidden that you can trade in for a prize!