Louisiana city serves up new food truck licensing policies

louisiana food truck licensing

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) — A Louisiana city may be filled with food trucks, but only some are licensed to serve.

News outlets say just seven of at least 30 food trucks are legally allowed to operate in Shreveport.

The low number of licenses surprised city council members and Mayor Adrian Perkins during a work session Monday.

Louisiana food truck licensing confusing

A co-owner of a licensed truck, Debbie Williamson, told KSLA that the permitting process was confusing and time-consuming. She said some operators believe their trucks are licensed but aren’t aware they never finished the process.

louisiana food truck licensing

Council members last week passed updated regulations on food trucks. Metropolitan Planning Commission Manager Adam Bailey says the new regulations address food safety issues and establish proper permitting and licensing processes.

Bailey says Shreveport police haven’t issued citations to food truck violators.